"Two Truths and A Lie" by Mary Michael Wagner

Synopsis: " After a nasty break up, Claire and Danny play the game Two Truths and a Lie everyday on their front steps to see who gets to stay in their apartment for the night and who has to crash on a friend’s couch. "


Concept: A romantic comedy that's less funny than we want it to be.

"Double Take" by K.M. Chopin

Synopsis: Two people wake up next to each other unexpectedly, and a war ensues within them where they want love, but keep getting in their own way.

Concept: The same song played in dissonance on two different instruments to show the same character wants, but contrasting actions

"Sure Thing" by David Ives

Synopsis: A couple is meant to be, but they keep saying the wrong things. Each time a character makes a mistake, a bell rings and the interaction resets until they finally are able to form a relationship and  will love each other forever.

Concept: A retelling of the same love song, meant to be

"The Field" by Robert Spera

Synopsis: " Two soldiers discuss their homes in between telling jokes and singing as they make their way through a mine field."

Concept: Vietnamese cicadas, humidity, and the looming sense of suspense