Press and awards

For Chloe Price in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

"DeVries does an excellent job voicing the young Chloe who is by turns endearing, exasperating, knowing, clueless, cold, and empathetic. DeVries handles these different shades of Chloe’s personality with skill."- The Washington Post

"Voice actress Rhianna DeVries...had some big shoes to fill. But her performance is a revelation, full of emotion, wit and above all - heart." - Express UK

"Rhianna Chloe. Stunning. Flawless, in fact. So much so that after the first few minutes I’d completely forgotten about the change in voice actor and was immersed in the experience wholly. To seamlessly slip in such as this with such a distinctive character – one as iconic and memorable as Chloe – is no easy feat and DeVries should get all the plaudits for it." - Xbox Achievements

  • Behind the Voice Actors Nominated for "Best Actress in a Videogame"
  • BAFTA Nominated for "Games Beyond Entertainment"
  • DASHGamer Nominated for "The Chameleon Award" (Best Actor)
  • DASHGamer Winner for "That Character Award" (Most Memorable Character)

For Fran in Cradle Two Grave

"...Fran is beautifully portrayed by junior Rhianna DeVries, who invites you into her world with intimate, at times blunt, discussions of her mental illness and the challenges it brings."- DU Clarion

  • University of Denver Drama Ensemble "Best Actress 2017-2018"

For Julie in Porcelain and Pink

"... the charm and warmth of the production, due to DeVries’ wonderful performance, made for an enjoyable end to the series." - DU Clarion

  • University of Denver Drama Ensemble "Best Actress in a Capstone"